Weed Socks

Weed Socks

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WEED: almost legal to buy, totally legal to wear. Slip ‘em on, roll down the street, lay back, sip on some gin and juice, shakin’ and bakin’, high times around the corner. These cotton athletic knee socks, green with purple trim, are good enough for Snoop Dogg’s dogs, so trust us, they’re just right for you. If you can’t SMOKE it, WEAR it.

This is a stretchy athletic weave knee sock and will fit from a women’s size 6 US to a men’s 15 US. The Athletic Knee Socks have a cushion foot for added comfort and are designed to stay up through any activity. Perfect to wear with your favorite sneaks or boots.

Size Fits Most 75% Cotton, 17% Polyester, 5% Spandex, 3% Rubber.

Machine Wash Cold. Hang Dry. Made in USA.